Emerging Through The Void, Dec 30 @8pm. @Imperial Pub

Brett Brownlee

Brett is a jack of many trades. A triple threat and multi-instrumentalist working all over the artistic community. He jumped on board shortly after the Void Room started as a kind of “do all” guy. As a proud St.Clair graduate, he has gone on to perform in regional theatres, as a house performer with Oh Canada Eh?! Productions and has even sang the national anthem for Major League Baseball. “I feel very fortunate none the less to be able to create art and opportunities for the community.” Brett sits on the executive as well as helping as a Singer, Host, Musician, Producer, House Manager & Technician for Void Room. In his spare time and as a means of paying the bills, he travels to NYC and other destinations as a tour guide.

Katrina Gibson

Katrina Gibson is a graduate of the St. Clair College Musical Theatre Program and has had a lifelong involvement in theatre. Katrina has performed in 40 stage productions, directed three productions, stage managed eight, and designed costumes for five. Katrina has won awards for acting, direction, set design, and costumes. As I’m sure you can tell, she loves to wear many hats, and do all aspects of theatre. Katrina also has a ten year career in working with children in the arts. She has taught classes, workshops, and has directed camps on drama, dance, improv, musical theatre, and Shakespeare. Katrina is also an avid cosplayer. She is excited to be on board with Void Room Theatrics in the role of Production Manager, and is excited to be a part of art creation.

Wilex Ly

Wilex is a Toronto based actor/director and one of the Co-founders of Void Room Theatrics. He has had the opportunity to work with some really amazing theatre companies such as Shakespeare BASH’d, Shakespeare in the Ruff, Dauntless City Theatre, Spur of the Moment, Filament Incubator, Solar Stage and more! He is very grateful for all the gracious support he has received over the past few years from all of his colleagues, friends, and family. On his spare time, Wilex is a Youtube addict and Walking Dead fanatic.

Jhuntue D. Grey

Jhuntue is one of the co-founders of Void Room Theartics. He originally fell in love with theatre after having to choose between detention or auditioning for his elementary school’s production of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy. Since then, Jhuntue has studied theatre through high school and postsecondary, performed with community theatres in Brampton and Georgetown, and has begun to explore stage production. Jhuntue met Wilex through his post-secondary studies. After leaving college, they began to discuss and ultimately decided to open Void Room Theatricswhere they strive to produce art and hope to one day affect the community in a positive light.  Jhuntue would not be able to continue this adventure without the constant support of his parents and close friends.  

The Producers’ Letter.

This Production company began as a class project. At the time, the goal was to attain a passing grade. As time moved on, the ideals we had set in the project resonated with us far more than we anticipated; this lead us to the pursuit of individuals hoping carve out a place for themselves to explore their craft.

The original concept was to use the skills of our friends and families as a foundation: entrepreneurial-ism, music, visual art, theater, musical theater, cooking, and event management. It seemed only natural to start out as a production company, as this would allow us to explore all avenues of our interests.

What we hope to achieve is a place that brings people together. We want our community to enjoy theater with us, to dine with us, and to celebrate with us. We want our artists to be able to spread their wings, to be bold, and to learn with us. We want to create a place where it is okay to fall and fail because failure is only a part of the process. If you’re allowed to fail, it enables you to pile the lessons up until you can walk right over an obstacle. We want people to feel safe failing, so that they may have the space and mindset to concur their evils. If you can’t tell how close the wall is or when it meets the ground, the freedom to express your creativity is endless. The possibilities are limitless. Hence, we are Void Room.